• ChanelRene

If your dream only includes you, it's too small.

We let ourselves down almost daily, in one way or another. Why? Because we can. Because we have no else to blame or be mad at when we're only hurting ourselves. Chances are, when it comes to doing something for someone else, we're a lot less likely to let the ball drop. Why? Because we don't want other people to be disappointed with us. Because we don't like the feeling of letting down people we care about. It's called ACCOUNTABILITY. If you've got goals for your business, life, health... share them! Post them publicly, tell your friends, make vision boards, let others hold you accountable to reaching those goals. Don't be afraid to share when you fall. You'll be surprised how others will be there to pick you back up when they know how important something is to you. If they don't know, they can't help. My goal is to help you achieve yours. I will support, motivate, guide, hold you accountable and challenge you to be your best self. I'm here to be that giant kick in the ass when you're slacking and distracted. :)

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