• ChanelRene

It's Not About Intensity, it's About Consistency

Ever feel like you're constantly doing *something*? Always busy busy and not sure why? You've got a lead generation idea list 20 items long and you're trying to do them all at once? It's mentally exhausting! You my friend are working with INTENSITY . Intensity is great, when you stick to a consistent plan. However CONSISTENCY is where you will find results. . Trim down that idea list. What are you best at? What could you really excel at if you just focused in on those activities? . Take your top 3 items and get consistent with those activities. TIMEBLOCK those activities and do them when you say you're going to do them. Don't let others disturb you. Stay on your grind! COMMIT TO SELF MASTERY . PS: Consistency can work for and against you. If you consistently do dumb shit, expect dumb results. If you are consistently purposeful, expect your business to grow.

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